What Body Language Characterizes Flirting?


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Body language while flirting emphasizes sexual differences and social status. Men may stand taller, expand their chests or straighten their ties, while women may stick out their hips or breasts, or play with their hair.

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What Body Language Characterizes Flirting?
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Men tend to flirt by exaggerating their wealth or social status and attempting to appear dominant. In addition to standing taller, a man often straightens a tie or checks a watch to indicate his importance. In order to convey dominance, a man may use gestures such as placing his thumbs in his belt loop to indicate confidence and authority, or hold a woman's gaze for a long time.

Flirtatious encounters are typically initiated by women. Women tend to flirt by exaggerating their appearance and trying to present themselves as submissive. A woman may seek attention from across the room by arching her neck and back to accentuate her shape, or by playing with her hair. Up close, women often flirt by using touch. A woman may stroke her own thigh or throat to draw attention, or touch the object of her affection's arm or hair. She may also draw attention to her lips by licking them or by pouting, or she may expose her wrists to indicate submission.

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