What Is a Body Brace Used to Treat?


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A body brace is used to treat scoliosis, explains WebMD. It maintains the appearance of the back and prevents the spinal curve progression. In most instances, the curve returns to its original shape when use of a brace is disontinued.

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Brace treatment is mostly used to prevent spinal curves from progressing in growing children, explains WebMD. The treatment usually continues until the skeleton of a child stops growing. The two common types of braces are a cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis brace, which consists of a metal structure that extends to the neck and a customized pelvic girdle, and a thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis brace, which consists of a customized pelvic girdle and a trunk. These braces are usually not effective for curves that are greater than 45 degrees.

When a brace is applied, a significant correction is often noticed. The curve returns to place after the child stops wearing the brace, explains WebMD. Although a body brace does not always prevent the worsening of a spinal curve, best results are noted when bracing is started early, the spinal curve is moderate and not severe, the brace fits perfectly, the child wears the body brace for the recommended duration, and family members help to support the child.

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