What Is Blue Light Therapy?


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Blue light therapy is one treatment methodology for acne and precancerous lesions, according to Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin. The blue light kills off the bacteria inside the acne before more pimples form on the surface of the skin. Practitioners use this therapy to keep lesions from becoming cancerous.

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What Is Blue Light Therapy?
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Patients receive a treatment with a topical agent designed to increase sensitivity to light before undergoing blue light therapy. After waiting for the chemical to absorb into the skin for as long as two hours (or even overnight), the patient has the area cleansed again before donning protective eyewear and sitting in front of the blue light, which applies treatment for about 17 minutes, as stated by Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin.

After the treatment, precancerous lesions turn red, and they sometimes scale over or swell. The area often stings or burns for as long as 24 hours after the skin treatment. These changes resolve within a month of treatment. Some patients prefer to have a fan blowing on the area during treatment to reduce discomfort. Taking ibuprofen half an hour before the treatment reduces pain. Applying moisturizer to the areas before and after treatment minimizes discomfort as well, notes Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin.

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