What Is a Blood Type Eating Chart?


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A blood type eating chart lists recommended foods by blood type for those following naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet, explains WebMD. By following the direction of the Blood Type Diet, it is contended that the dieter is able to lose weight, increase stamina and ward off disease.

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The Blood Type Diet claims that consumed foods interact with the body's chemistry differently depending on the body's blood type, notes WebMD. The more attuned these foods are to the blood type, the greater the benefits attained. Alternately, foods that may be beneficial for one blood type may have detrimental effects for another. The Blood Type Diet is based on evolutionary understandings of the development of the human diet and body, according to Medical News Today.

In the Blood Type Diet, type O blood requires a diet high in protein and composed of lean meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Type A blood demands a meat-free diet of fruits, vegetables and grains, while those with type B blood should avoid such foods as peanuts, corn, wheat, tomatoes and chicken. Finally, Type AB blood requires attention to fish, vegetables and tofu.

One should take care that participating in the Blood Type Diet does not interfere with other dietary requirements, such as those for patients with diabetes, recommends WebMD.

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