What Is the Blood Type Diet?


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The Blood Type Diet is based on an individual choosing their foods in a manner dictated by their blood type. Each of the four different blood types requires the dieter to either refrain from or to consume an abundance of specific foods, as reported by WebMD. The diet's creator, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, recommends following the appropriate blood type dietary regimen to develop better health, become more energetic and to lose weight.

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What Is the Blood Type Diet?
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The premise behind D'Adamo's dietary approach is that foods react differently with each of the four blood types. If foods are chosen based on how they react chemically with each blood type, digestion will take place more efficiently, as noted in WebMD's review of the Blood Type Diet.

For individuals with type O blood, D'Adamo recommends an abundance of protein in the form of lean meat and fish. Dairy, grains and beans should be minimized, and taking supplements is advised to ease the digestive issues that can be associated with type O blood. Type A blood, however, requires a contrasting approach that is based on a meat-free diet.

Wheat, corn, tomatoes and peanuts are to be avoided by individuals who have type B blood. D'Adamo recommends that their diet include green vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and eggs. Certain meats, except for chicken, can be included.

Individuals with type AB blood are encouraged to eat seafood, green vegetables, tofu and dairy products. D'Adamo notes that type AB blood is associated with a low degree of stomach acid and smoked and cured meats should be avoided. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided by people with type AB blood, according to Dr. D'Adamo's advice.

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