Is There a Blood Test for Lung Cancer?


As of 2015, there is no standard blood test for diagnosing lung cancer. However, the blood test developed by Panacea Global called LC Detect is said to effectively screen for malignancy in the lungs in its early stages, notes Panacea Global.

Diagnostic methods for lung cancer involve performing imaging tests, studying sputum under a microscope and examining a lung tissue sample, states Mayo Clinic. Although some studies suggest that screening for the preliminary signs of lung cancer has its drawbacks, other evidence indicates that finding cancer at an early stage potentially increases survival rates in lung cancer patients.

Panacea Global's LC Detect evaluates levels of human aspartyl (asparaginyl) -hydroxylase, or HAAH, in the blood. A test result showing elevated concentrations of HAAH in the serum is indicative of lung cancer in its initial stages. Based on this, a physician can then recommend further diagnostic evaluation using more established techniques.