What Are Some Blood Test Codes?


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Blood test codes include CBC for a complete blood count, CRP for C-reactive protein and hCG for a human chorionic gonadotropin test, according to the California Pacific Medical Center. Doctors order these tests during routine a checkup to confirm a diagnosis or to monitor a condition.

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A CBC test usually enumerates the types of blood cells in the blood, helping a doctor confirm a diagnosis, explains WebMD. This test usually comprises several tests including a white blood cell count, white blood cell types and red blood cell count. Each test helps the doctor diagnose a specific condition. For example, a low red blood cell count might point to anemia, while a high red blood cell count might point to polycythemia.

Inflammation leads to an increase in C-reactive protein levels in the body, states Mayo Clinic. A CRP test confirms these levels in the body, helping doctors diagnose infections and other medical conditions. The doctor might also request for a high-sensitivity CRP test to assess the level of risk for coronary artery disease.

HCG is a product of the placenta during pregnancy, notes WebMD. Doctors request an hCG test to confirm pregnancy or the presence of birth defects. High levels of hCG might also indicate the presence of abnormal tissues in the uterus, including cancer of the uterus or a molar pregnancy.

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