What Is a Blood Sugar Test Chart?


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A blood sugar test chart is a tool used by diabetics to determine if their blood sugar level are normal. People with diabetes perform a blood glucose tests at different times during the day and may keep a log of these readings, states WebMD. Blood sugar reading are taken when fasting, prior to exercising, before and after a meal and at bedtime.

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The chart presents the normal blood glucose readings for these different times of the day. For example, the normal blood sugar reading about 2 hours after a meal, should be lower than 180 mg/dL, according to WebMD.

Although these are the common times that self-testing of blood sugar is performed by most diabetics, people who take insulin may have to test more often, relates the New York State Department of Health. Self-testing on a daily basis is important in managing diabetes. This can avoid many of the complications associated with this disease, such as heart and neurological problems and diabetic neuropathy.

People with diabetes may also need to have an A1C blood test that is usually performed at a doctor's office. This is a lab test that indicates the average blood sugar level over a three month period, states the New York State Department of Health. The normal value for this test is given as less than six. The recommendation is to have an A1C test performed at least once a year.

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