How Do You Take a Blood Sugar Reading?

To take a blood sugar reading, a person can take a small amount of blood from the finger or from areas such as the forearm or thigh, according to WebMD. Alternatively, a person can take a blood sugar reading by using a continuous glucose monitoring system.

To take blood from the finger, the most common way to take blood sugar, a person pricks the area with a sharp, small lancet, which is a needle, and then puts the blood on a test strip, explains WebMD. The individual inserts the test strip into a special meter that reads the blood sugar level. Some meters store the information, and some can report the average blood sugar level over a period of time. Some models may also show graphs and charts with blood sugar information on them.

A diabetic person must check blood sugar levels several times a day, including before bed, meals or exercise, states WebMD. People should also check blood sugar before driving or anytime there are symptoms of low blood sugar. All people are different, so it is best for individuals to talk with a doctor about the correct methods and times to check blood sugar. There are also times, such as when a person is sick, when more frequent monitoring of the blood sugar is necessary.