What Do You Do When Your Blood Sugar Numbers Are High and You Have Diabetes?


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A person diagnosed with diabetes experiencing high blood sugar levels should use the proper type of insulin and a dosage determined by a physician, according to TeensHealth. Check the insulin to ensure it is not expired and all pumps and meters are in working order.

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If high blood sugar levels continue or fluctuate rapidly, individuals with diabetes should consult with a physician to determine an action plan or obtain medical care, explains TeensHealth. Prevention is a key factor in reducing high blood sugar levels. For example, insulin or medication for diabetes may need to be adjusted when a patient is faced with an illness or stress. In addition, diabetes patients should work closely with a dietitian or diabetes consultant to construct a meal and exercise plan. Medication may need to be adjusted when a patient's meal plan changes or activity is increased or decreased.

Individuals with diabetes may notice symptoms of high blood sugar such as increased urination, weight loss, fatigue, increased appetite or increased thirst, notes WebMD. High blood sugar levels can cause warm, dry skin and put patients at risk for dehydration. Consistent high blood sugar levels in diabetes patients can lead to blurred vision, lightheadedness and restlessness or drowsiness.

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