How Do You Get Your Blood Sugar Down?


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Blood sugar levels can be controlled by monitoring carbohydrate intake, eating regular meals with small portion sizes, performing moderate intensity exercise regularly, building muscles with weight training, and using insulin or other blood-sugar-lowering medications, states WebMD. Monitoring alcohol use and stress levels is also advised.

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Insulin pumps are often recommended for diabetics taking multiple daily injections because they allow for a continuous, programmable dose of insulin to be delivered to the body from a small device worn on a belt or concealed in a pocket, according to WebMD. The rapid-acting insulin is delivered by a fine needle at the end of a catheter tube that is inserted into the patient’s abdomen and taped in place. The patient can adjust dosages throughout the day based on carbohydrate intake; during sleep and between meals the pump delivers a constant flow of insulin to maintain the target blood sugar level.

Stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing or engaging in relaxing hobbies, are recommended to help regulate blood sugar levels, states WebMD. Diabetics should maintain a consistent eating schedule with regularly timed, healthy meals and snacks. Alcohol intake should be limited to times when diabetics are certain that their blood sugar levels are stable.

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