What Are Some of the Best Blood Glucose Meters to Use?


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Tests of specific blood glucose meters that Consumer Reports and Men's Health conducted in 2012 rate the OneTouch UltraMini highest for consistency, explains Health Central. The meters that were rated highest for accuracy in both tests include the FreeStyle Lite and the OneTouch Ultra2. Diabetics should ask their physicians or other professionals for advice if they are unsure about which devices are best for them, emphasizes Mayo Clinic.

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Diabetics should consider whether they can comfortably hold the device and strips, easily read the screen, and efficiently track and store the information, according to Mayo Clinic. Those with impaired vision may need illuminated screens and audio text to be able to comprehend the results. With basic devices, diabetics use needles to prick their fingers and touch test strips to the blood, but more expensive and less painful alternatives include alternate site monitors that allow blood samples from other body parts and sensors inserted under the skin to monitor blood glucose levels.

Some insurance companies only cover specific models of blood glucose meters and limited amounts of test strips, leaving diabetics little choice in which equipment they use, points out Mayo Clinic. Some diabetics need to test their blood glucose levels several times a day, and the cost of test strips becomes a significant factor.

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