Why Do Blood Blisters Form on the Lips?


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Blood blisters may form anywhere on the body, including the lips, due to small blood vessels becoming damaged, according to WebMD. Most blisters, including blood blisters, are easily treated at home or heal on their own.

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Blood blisters that are smaller than the size of a pea usually do not need any treatment short of a loose bandage if the patient feels it is necessary, states WebMD. If the blister is larger, patients are advised to drain the blister. To do this, take a needle or straight pin, and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Gently puncture the edge of the blister with the tip of the needle, and let all the blood drain.

When the blister has drained completely, wash the area with soap and water, explains WebMD. It is advisable for those who have a drained blister to keep the skin flap in place, as it serves as a protective covering for the tissue underneath until it heals. An antibiotic ointment should be applied to the area, and a bandage should be used if possible. Remove the bandage at night as this allows the area to dry and heal. If the area becomes infected, the patient should see a doctor.

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