How Do You Know You Have a Blocked Eye Duct?


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Some of the signs of a blocked eye duct include inflammation, redness and tenderness in the inside corner of the eye, according to EyeSmart. The patient may also have recurrent eye infections, eye mucus discharge and crusty eye lashes.

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Patients with blocked eye ducts may experience increased tearing: a condition known as epiphora, explains MedlinePlus. This occurs often, even when they are not crying. Parents may notice this symptom in children within the first two or three weeks. Sometimes, the tears are thicker and may dry and form crusts. Blocked eye ducts may cause an eye infection known as conjunctivitis, which is characterized by pus in the eyes and eyelids that stick together.

Symptoms of blocked eye ducts become more noticeable after a sinus infection or a cold, explains EyeSmart. They may get worse after exposure to sunlight, cold or wind. In severe cases, patients may experience fever, blood-tinged tears and blurred vision due to a dacryocystitis infection.

Symptoms such as continually irritated eyes and recurrent infections could indicate blocked eye ducts due to a tumor pressing on the tear-drainage system, according to Mayo Clinic. It is important for patients who experience these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention for quick identification of the tumor.

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