Do You Have Bloating With Menopause?


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Bloating is one of the most frequently experienced symptoms of menopause, says 34 Menopause Symptoms. It is caused by fluctuating hormones, which in turn cause an increase in fluid retention and intestinal gas.

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Bloating during menopause is more likely if the woman experienced bloating as a PMS symptom, says 34 Menopause Symptoms. Most women in the age range of 45 to 55 experience bloating during the perimenopause transitional stage, according to Menopause Health Matters. Several causes of bloating include bile, flatulence, hormone replacement therapy, weight gain and insulin resistance. Ways to combat bloating during menopause include quitting smoking, avoiding crash diets, reducing sodium intake, drinking water and herbal tea, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and exercising.

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