What Is Blepharoplasty Surgery?


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Blepharoplasty surgery reduces excess skin from the upper eyelids and removes loose skin from the lower eyelids, states WebMD. Blepharoplasty surgery is typically done for cosmetic purposes, but it also improves an individual’s eyesight if drooping eyelids obstruct vision.

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Individuals in good health aged 35 years or older are the best candidates for blepharoplasty surgery, advises WebMD. Individuals whose eyes droop at an earlier age may have the surgery performed sooner. Realistic goals of blepharoplasty are important, because it may not alter facial structure or produce an individual’s ideal look. Lower eyelid surgery is typically permanent, and upper eyelid surgery may last from five to seven years. Blepharoplasty surgery does not stop eyelids from aging.

Blepharoplasty surgery typically takes about two hours to alter both eyelids, according to WebMD. The upper eyelid is cut along the natural eyelid line in order to remove excess skin, fat and muscle. Stitches are then placed into the upper eyelid for three to six days. A cut is made on the lower eyelid to soften fine lines with a laser, or a cut is made along the eyelash margin to remove surplus fat, muscle and skin. Complications of eyelid surgery include dry eye, bleeding, infection, loss of vision and abnormal eyelid coloring. Abnormal eyelid folding and the inability to fully close the eye are other possible complications.

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