What Does Bleeding in the Urine Mean for a Female?


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Symptoms of blood in the urine in females can be caused by a variety of factors that include urinary tract infections, kidney stones and kidney infections, explains Mayo Clinic. Overexertion during exercise and certain medications can also cause urinary bleeding. Blood in the urine is also referred to as hematuria.

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Additional causes of blood in the urine include kidney injuries and kidney tumors, according to WebMD. Medical conditions such as sickle-cell anemia and kidney disease are also known to cause hematuria. In certain cases, food dyes or eating beets can cause the urine to appear bloody.

While blood in the urine is often caused by minor or treatable issues, it is always important for women experiencing symptoms to seek medical attention, especially when hematuria is accompanied by blood clots, vomiting, back pain or abdominal pain, explains Healthline. Ignoring symptoms of hematuria can lead to consequences such as kidney failure, severe infections and tumor advancement. Tests to detect the underlying causes of hematuria include urinalysis tests, blood tests and computerized tomography scans. In certain cases, cystoscopy testing may be required. During the testing procedure, a small camera attached to a tube is inserted into the bladder in order to capture images and diagnose the issue.

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