What Do You Do for a Bleeding Ulcer?


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If suffering with a bleeding ulcer, it is helpful to choose a healthy diet, control stress, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Additionally, it is beneficial to discontinue the use of certain pain relievers that make the stomach lining more susceptible to ulcers, states Mayo Clinic.

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It is advised to eat a diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains if suffering with a bleeding ulcer, reports Mayo Clinic. A healthy diet provides important vitamins that help heal the ulcer. If using pain relievers regularly, it may be helpful to switch to acetaminophen rather than using acetylsalicylic acid or ibuprofen. These medications can be harmful to the lining of the stomach, reports MedicineNet. Additionally, drinking alcohol can irritate and damage the lining of the stomach and can cause inflammation and bleeding. Smoking also makes the stomach more susceptible to developing ulcers and increases stomach acid production.

To help heal a bleeding ulcer, it is important to control stress. Stress makes the symptoms of a stomach ulcer worse. Although stress is unavoidable, learning to cope with it by using exercise, journal writing or spending time with friends can be helpful, explains Mayo Clinic.

As a serious medical condition, a bleeding ulcer may require an endoscopy procedure performed by a gastroenterologist to determine the source of the bleeding. Additionally, treatment of a bleeding ulcer may involve the use of medications that lower the production of stomach acid to allow healing, according to MedicineNet.

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