Is Bleach an Effective Treatment for Nail Fungus?


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Some physicians have reported success with patients using a bleach-solution soak to treat toenail fungus, reports Bottom Line Health. Following a regimen of twice-weekly soaking, moderate cases of toenail fungus have been cleared in two to three months. For more severe cases, a longer treatment is recommended.

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Toenail fungus does not clear on its own once the nail has been infected, according to Bottom Line Health. In fact, the condition progressively gets worse if not treated, and the nails in adjacent toes may become infected, so it is recommended that treatment be sought when the condition is noticed. Because the bleach solution treatment can be performed at home and it does not involve possible serious side effects that may accompany oral medication, some physicians recommend it to their patients.

For the treatment regimen to work, it is essential that it be followed strictly, states Bottom Line Health. This treatment involves a greater commitment over a longer period of time than alternatives, such as applying medicated nail polish to the affected nail. However, if the patient follows the prescribed regimen of soaking the entire foot twice a week in a solution of 1 part household bleach and 10 parts water for a mere three minutes, then rinsing and drying feet thoroughly afterward, positive treatment results are likely.

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