What Is the Blaylock Wellness Report?


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The Blaylock Wellness Report, edited by Dr. Russell Blaylock, is a monthly newsletter that discusses heart disease prevention, tips on lowering high blood pressure, alternative treatments for cancer and other health information, according to its website. It heavily criticizes the pharmaceutical industry and promotes good nutrition and habits.

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According to Dr. Blaylock, harmful environmental toxins coupled with high drug prescriptions open the gateway for diseases to flourish on unsuspecting Americans. The Blaylock Wellness Report theorizes about the causes of each disease and offers easy alternative treatments that may be more beneficial and helpful while also being more cost-effective. The Blaylock Wellness Report is especially concerned with degenerative nervous system diseases that affect the mind such as Alzheimer's.

However, Dr. Blaylock is also featured on The Skeptic's Dictionary, which decries him as a scaremonger and claims that he is anti-vaccination. In the past, Dr. Blaylock has claimed that vaccinations have led to Lou Gehrig's disease, autism and Parkinson's. Most of the treatments featured in The Blaylock Wellness Report is described as pseudoscience that lack large-scale clinical trials to verify their efficacy.

Dr. Blaylock is a trained neurosurgeon who retired and has since published three books on nutrition and wellness, according to The Blaylock Wellness Report website.

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