Why Is Bladder Suspension Surgery Performed?


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The reason for performing bladder suspension surgery is to address or correct a sagging bladder that causes urine leakage. Urine leakage is also known as stress incontinence, relates WebMD. There are different causes for this condition, including giving birth, menopause and problems associated with the bladder muscle.

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Stress incontinence can cause urine leakage when a person laughs, coughs or does exercises, states the National Institute of Health. Women may be affected with this medical condition that can be embarrassing. In women, the bladder muscle may become weak due to childbirth or menopause. Stress incontinence may be treated with conservative methods like Kegel exercises or electrical stimulation, states WebMD. When this treatment options fail to correct the problem, suspension surgery may be recommended by a doctor.

There are different surgical techniques that can be performed for stress incontinence, including retropubic suspension that requires open or laparoscopic surgery. The surgery involves closing the urethra and bladder neck to correct urine leakage, relates the National Institute of Health. There are some risks associated with these surgeries, like bladder or vagina damage, fistula or worsening stress incontinence. However, for most women, the prognosis after this surgery is a decrease in incontinence.

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