What Is Bladder Suspension?


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Bladder suspension is a surgical process that places a sagging bladder back to its original position, according to BootsWebMD. The procedure is meant to prevent a leaking bladder when a person laughs, coughs or sneezes.

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BootsWebMD mentions that urine leakage during normal activities is known as stress incontinence. Bladder suspension surgery is meant to remedy stress incontinence, and it is mostly used on women. For instance, a sagging bladder can occur during childbirth because a woman can lose muscle tone around the pelvic floor. Women who undergo hormonal changes may also need to undergo the procedure, including those who have muscle problems in the urethra.

BootsWebMD notes that there are three different types of bladder suspension surgeries: open colposuspension surgery, laparoscopic colposuspension and sling surgery. Open colposuspension surgery requires lifting the neck of the bladder and attaching it to tissue or bone with sutures. It is an abdominal form of surgery, and the incision is made around the belly. Laparoscopic colposuspension is also meant to raise the bladder, but it requires a smaller incision. Sling surgery uses body tissue, otherwise known as fascia, to create a hammock-like support system for the bladder. The patient's own tissue or donated tissue can be used. The type of surgery chosen is based on the structure of the urinary tract and condition of the patient.

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