What Bladder Problems Does InterStim Help Treat?


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The InterStim device can help in the treatment of overactive bladder symptoms and nonobstructive urinary retention, as noted by Cleveland Clinic. The symptoms of overactive bladder can include frequent urination and urge incontinence. Through InterStim therapy, an implantable device is used to stimulate the sacral nerve that is found near the tailbone.

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When a patient has an overactive bladder, he may need to urinate more than eight times a day or may leak urine when there is an urge. Urinary retention is the incomplete voiding of urine from the bladder, and treatment for the condition may include the use of a catheter, as stated by MedicineNet.

InterStim therapy is an option when conventional treatments, such as medications, pelvic exercises or bladder retraining have not worked for these different types of bladder problems, states Cleveland Clinic. InterStim therapy involves implanting a device that delivers electrical impulses to the sacral nerve. This nerve controls the bladder and muscles linked to urination. The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved the InterStim device.

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