What Is Bladder Cancer?


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Bladder cancer is a cancer of the bladder, the organ that stores urine. It usually starts in the cells that line the inside of the bladder, and while very treatable if diagnosed early, it is likely to recur and requires regular follow-up testing and observation, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Is Bladder Cancer?
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Although the cause of bladder cancer is not known, certain factors increase the risk of developing the disease, including gender — men are more prone to this type of cancer. Other risk factors include smoking; exposure to chemicals found in dyes, paints and solvents; advancing age; and diet, as described by WebMD.

The most common symptoms are blood or clots in the urine, pain during urination and frequent urinary tract infections. Once diagnosed, treatment depends on the stage of the cancer and the patient’s overall health, but options include surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, explains Mayo Clinic.

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