What Are Black Spots on Human Tongues?


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Black spots on the tongue can emanate from alcohol ingestion, a soft diet (foods that are soft and easy to chew and swallow), inadequate oral hygiene, fungal infection, dry mouth or excessive use of tobacco, according to WebMD. These dark spots may appear on both the surface and underneath the tongue.

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Another cause for black spots or abnormal tongue hue is hyper-pigmentation, Health Guidance notes. The onset of hyper-pigmentation can happen without warning or stimulation, but in most cases it is correlated to a genetic trait that may re-emerge. Furthermore, the tongue is a muscle that reacts differently to injuries than other parts of the body. Dark patches may be seen in areas where the tongue has been bitten or otherwise injured.

Black spots may raise alarm or trepidation, but most are easy to resolve. It is imperative to understand that while some conditions could be treated with home remedies, others necessitate professional evaluation and treatment.

Consistent and proper oral hygiene is crucial for the overall health of the mouth. Brushing the teeth and cleaning the tongue are essential for the hindrance and management of these spots. It is vital to have regular dental visits and avoid excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco use.

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