What Is the Black Seed Cure?


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As of 2015, some people claim black seed can cure cancer and immune system diseases, but researchers lack enough data to establish how effective it is in humans, according to WebMD. Black seed is a plant that people have used for centuries to treat conditions including headaches, abscesses, pink eye, parasites and diarrhea. A combination of black seed, vitamin E, cysteine and saffron is used to counteract side effects from cisplatin, a drug used in chemotherapy.

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Some scientific research indicates that black seed can fight cancer, enhance the immune system and minimize allergies, WebMD reports. Taking oral doses of black seed extract is possibly effective for asthma patients, improving respiratory function and reducing wheezing and coughing.

Early research shows that taking black seed extract may reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, epileptic seizures in children, and opiate withdrawal symptoms, explains WebMD, but doctors need more clinical evidence to prove the supplement's effectiveness. People taking black seed products and planning to undergo surgery should stop taking them 14 days before their procedures. These products can elevate bleeding risk, delay blood clotting, and lower blood glucose and blood pressure levels below normal. Black seed can also increase drowsiness and cause interference with anesthesia before and after surgery.

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