What Do the Bites of Different Insects Look Like?


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Insect bites vary depending on the type of insect. For example, flea bites are small, red bumps surround by a halo, and often appear in groups either on the ankles or legs, states Healthline. Mosquito bites consists of round, puffy bumps that almost immediately start itching.

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What Do the Bites of Different Insects Look Like?
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Chigger bites work differently than mosquito or flea bites. Instead of just biting a person, chiggers attach themselves to the skin and stay there for up to several days, states Healthline. It's only once the chigger falls off that the bite becomes apparent. Chigger bites can mimic welts, blisters, pimples or hives, and they often appear in groups and continue to increase in size after the initial contact with the insect.

Tick bites are easy to identify, as the tick stays on the body to draw blood from its host, explains Healthline. In most cases, there is only one bite, and it often becomes red and swells. Although most ticks are harmless, some do carry diseases, such as Lyme disease.

Fire ant bites are swollen red bumps with a blister at the top, states Healthline. These bites can hurt and itch for up to a week.

Generally, spider bites swell and form a red welt, yet bites vary depending on the spider, according to Healthline. For example, brown recluse spider bites have red rings around a white center, while black widow bites appear in the form of two red puncture marks.

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