What Birth Control Does Not Need a Prescription?

Birth control methods like traditional condoms, female condoms, spermicide and emergency contraceptive are available without prescription. Some methods, including emergency contraceptive pills, require that the purchaser be at least 17 years old.

Methods of birth control that are available over the counter can be effective when used correctly. They are ideal for people who do not have a doctor or who do not wish to talk to a doctor about their contraceptive needs. Condoms are the most traditional method of birth control and are generally the cheapest, some health clinics offer condoms for free for people who are in need. Condoms are available for males as well as females. Spermicide is a less popular option, but is available in gel, foam and film forms. It is less effective, but can sometimes be combined with other methods like condoms for increased efficacy.

All birth control pills require a prescription from a doctor because of the way they work and the different effects they can have on the body. Most doctors will provide prescriptions for birth control pills to women who are sexually active if they do not want to get pregnant. Pills are inexpensive and one of the top ways to prevent pregnancy.