How Is Bipolar Disorder Treated?


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Bipolar disorder is best treated by a team of specialists including a physician, a social worker and a psychiatric nurse, along with medications,according to Mayo Clinic.Initial treatment may begin with an evaluationas well as counseling.

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How Is Bipolar Disorder Treated?
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The primary treatment for bipolar disorder is often a lifelong process, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. Once a diagnosis has been established, certain medications may be prescribed. In some cases, an outpatient day treatment program will be recommended until the symptoms are under control.

In extreme circumstances when a psychiatrist believes a patient is in danger of hurting themselves or others or is becoming psychotic, hospitalization is required. Patients will get treatment to help them become calm and safe before being released.

Patients with bipolar disorder also receive substance abuse treatment, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Drugs and alcohol make it difficult to manage bipolar disorder and can interfere with prescribed medication. Substance abuse treatment may require separate hospitalization.

There are a number of medications prescribed for bipolar disorder. These may includemood stabilizers to control manic or hypomanic episodes,antipsychotics for symptoms of depression or persistent mania,antidepressants to help manage depression,an antidepressant-antipsychotic combination that works as a depression treatment and mood stabilizer oranti-anxiety medication that may help with anxiety and improve sleep.

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