What Is Biotin Used For?


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Biotin is a supplement and a vitamin that is used for managing brittle nails, diabetes and other health conditions. It also helps to ensure a good health for the cells, skin, metabolism, digestive tract and the nerves in the body. Biotin is also effective in diagnosing some kinds of nerve pathology, such as the peripheral neuropathy that is caused by diabetes and kidney problems, as stated by WebMD.

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People suffering from type 2 diabetes can use biotin together with chromium to help in raising blood sugar. When used alone, biotin helps to minimize the resistance of insulin and nerve symptoms, which are associated with type 2 diabetes. Some research have concluded that this supplement can help to make brittle nails strong, as noted by WebMD. It may also be used to manage some conditions, such as depression, hair loss, skin rash, heart problems, cradle cap and hepatitis.

However, most people do not need to buy this supplement to get biotin. Biotin is available in different foods, including carrots, liver, yeast, soy flour, cauliflower, cereals, bananas and salmon. A person may only choose to a use dietary supplement if he or she thinks they are not getting sufficient vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women can have low biotin levels in the body, so they can use the supplements without prescription.

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