What Are Biotin Supplements Typically Used For?


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The most common use for taking biotin supplements is to obtain strong, thick nails, according to WebMD. They can also be effective in reducing nerve pain, reducing and prevent hair loss, and strengthening hair. In addition, these supplements can help treat and prevent biotin deficiencies.

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What Are Biotin Supplements Typically Used For?
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Biotin is a form of vitamin B that keeps the eyes, liver and nervous system functioning properly, explains WebMD. It is also known to improve the health of hair and skin, strengthen nails, aid in weight loss, regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol. It works by breaking down food into sugar that the body uses for energy.

Biotin is present in leafy green vegetables, peanuts, grains, liver and raw egg yolks, states WebMD. A biotin deficiency is uncommon, but occurs at times in alcoholics, chronic smokers, pregnant women, those with liver disease, and in people who have a diet of mainly processed foods. As a supplement, biotin is often taken to treat and prevent such deficiencies.

Some symptoms of a biotin deficiency include hair loss, dry skin, dry eyes, fatigue and depression, notes WebMD. This supplement is very likely to be safe when taken orally, and only possibly safe when injected. The appropriate dose depends on the user's age, health and other medical conditions.

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