What Does Biotin 5000 Mg Do for the Body?


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Biotin at a dose of 5,000 micrograms is the recommended amount to improve hair growth, according to About.com. Those who use Biotin for hair growth should use 5,000 micrograms on a daily basis for results.

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Though 5,000 micrograms of Biotin can work great for hair growth, it does not happen quickly, states About.com. Most people need about a month of regular Biotin usage for noticeable results. In addition to helping the hair on an individual's head grow, Biotin is also good for increasing eyelash and nail growth. It is also a treatment for individuals who suffer from eczema.

Biotin only causes the hair on the head to grow, not hair on other parts of the body, explains About.com. The rest of the hair on the body is programmed only to grow to a certain length. When that length is reached, it no longer grows, no matter what supplements a person takes. Biotin does not have a lot of side effects, though pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant should not use Biotin. Biotin has also been found to lower the effectiveness of some types of heart and anti-seizure medications, so individuals should use caution when on these drugs.

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