Is Biostem a Scam?

The United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to the public in 2013 urging people to not buy Biostem Plus, says GMA News Online. The FDA issued the warning in Advisory 2013-036, stating that the product is not an FDA-approved stem cell preparation or drug product. There are no existing scientific studies to support its use, and the FDA stated that the manufacturer had made a number of unacceptable claims about the product.

Biostem Plus is an oral supplement that the manufacturer claimed would increase the number of adult stem cells, repair damaged tissues, and reverse the aging process, explains the FDA of the Philippines. Stem cells are viable, living cells that need to be implanted, transplanted or infused into the recipient. No oral or topical product could ever meet the definition of a stem cell. Inspectors were ordered to seize all supplies of Biostem Plus in the Philippines, where the manufacturer of Biostem Plus is located, in 2013.

Stem cells need to be approved by the FDA before being offered to patients, says the FDA. So far, only one stem cell product, Hemacord, has received approval. Stem cells are living cells that have the capacity to divide and develop into many different types of cells.

Biostem Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of Biostem Plus, has no information about Biostem Plus available on its website as of December 2015.