Is BioSlim an Effective Weight Loss Aid?


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Diet and exercise are still the only proven weight loss methods. BioSlim's website claims it is the leading weight loss program because it works. However, it is a detox-based weight loss plan, and there is little scientific evidence that this type of program is beneficial to weight loss.

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The BioSlim detox was developed by Dr. Josh Leichtberg as a more long-term solution than other weight loss fads on the market. The idea is that the products used for the detox optimize the body's metabolism.

The BioSlim weight loss plan has successfully helped some participants slim down. However, it is important to keep in mind that the vitamins and supplements that accompany the plan are only a portion of what makes the program work. The diet and exercise plans laid out by Dr. Leichtberg are also extremely important and must be followed strictly to see optimal results.

This suggests that diet and exercise are still the most important factors in weight loss and that anything additional has negligible results. In fact, a study reported in Food Consumer notes that BioSlim appears to have no significant impact on weight loss.

It is not proven that detox supplements alone aid weight loss. According to a 2009 study published in the New York Times, scientists claim that there is no reason to believe that detox plans are any more effective at ridding the body of toxins than the liver or kidneys. It also has not been proven that toxins are affecting weight and health in such a way that a detox regimen is likely to help.

There are also several reported side effects of BioSlim, such as intense stomach pains, which must be considered before beginning the program. Approach this program and any like it with skepticism, and look for science from trusted sources to back up any claims made.

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