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BioSil works by activating the cells in the body that produce the three important natural proteins in the body including collagen, keratin and elastin, according to BioSil. This, in turn, helps the body to regenerate the proteins in a natural way. These proteins help to reduce skin wrinkles, improve hair elasticity, thicken and strengthen the hair and harden the nails.

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The body produces fewer of these important proteins when a person gets to 21 years old, notes BioSil. Additionally, the little amount that the body produces tend to be low in quality. In time, this leads to several signs including brittle nails, thin air, fine lines and wrinkles. Improving diet cannot help the body get these proteins because the body breaks down the ingested proteins and use them like any other protein.

Collagen helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and also prevents them from reappearing. It also contributes to making the joints and bones strong. Elastin gives the skin the ability to stretch, improving its elasticity and preventing wrinkles, notes BioSil. This protein also supports the functioning of the eyes and body organs. Keratin improves the strength, elasticity and thickness of the hair. Also, it enhances the clarity and strength of the nails.

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