Why Is a Biopsy Performed?


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The main reason for a biopsy is to detect cancer, but it can also be helpful in identifying other questions. Doctors may also recommend a biopsy in situations where it can help in answering an important medical question. It can also be performed to check the progression of cancer in diagnosed patients, as stated by WebMD.

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A biopsy involves taking a sample tissue from the body in order to examine it closely. A doctor will need to carry out this procedure if earlier tests indicate that a particular area of the body is not well. In many cases, a biopsy is usually done after a physical examination to help in determining the best treatment option, as explained by WebMD.

There are many different types of biopsies and most of them entail removing a small body tissue for a closer examination, as noted by WebMD. Numbing medicine is usually applied to the skin or other sensitive body parts before a biopsy. Some types of biopsies include kidney biopsy, livery biopsy, needle biopsy, aspiration biopsy, surgical biopsy, skin biopsy, prostate biopsy and bone marrow biopsy. The procedures of a biopsy vary greatly depending on how hard is to obtain a body tissue for an examination.

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