What Are Some of the Biggest Stressors in Life?


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Some of the most stressful issues in life include financial problems, divorce, illnesses, death of a loved one and moving. Things that break or interfere with a certain routine in life tend to cause stress, notes HealthStatus.

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What Are Some of the Biggest Stressors in Life?
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Individuals that are experiencing problems in their relationships tend to have high levels of stress. These problems may lead to break-ups, separation or divorce. Breaking away from a loved one can cause a lot of emotional distress.

Losing a loved one can be another major cause of stress. People dealing with such a loss tend to be depressed and feel helpless. These feelings can sometimes be experienced for quite a long period of time. Financial problems can equally be stressful. Such problems may involve late payment of loans, inability to raise money for a business start-up or money to pay medical bills.

Health conditions that tend to persist can be another source of stress. Conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease and diabetes are among the top sources of stress in this regard. Losing a job or moving from one city to another can equally lead to development of stress, according to HealthStatus.

To deal with stressful situation, develop management techniques. Meditation and massage therapy are among the options available for dealing with stress. Talk to a counselor or family doctor for more help with regards to stress.

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