How Do You Get Bigger Thighs?

How Do You Get Bigger Thighs?

How Do You Get Bigger Thighs?

Weights and other equipment are not necessary to achieve bigger thighs. Exercising intensely for short periods of time while performing numerous exercises for multiple sets of high-numbered repetitions, stimulates muscle growth. According to AZ Central, all that is needed to achieve bigger thighs is body weight and the motivation to achieve results.

  1. Do regular cardiovascular activity

    Losing fat is an important part of getting fit and building muscle. Performing cardiovascular activity for at least 150 minutes each week helps with fat loss. To target the thighs, perform exercises that focus on the lower body including running, swimming, biking and stair climbing.

  2. Perform exercises that target the thighs

    The squat jump, plyometric jump and step-up kick-back exercises all target the lower body and specifically the thighs. The squat jump involves squatting deeply, jumping as high as possible, and then landing back in a squat. The plyometric jump involves jumping explosively onto a low box or bench, jumping back onto the ground, turning and repeating the process. Finally, the step-up kick-back involves standing in front of a bench or sturdy chair, lifting up on it and balancing with one leg, extending the other leg behind the body, lowering back down to the floor and repeating the process with the other leg.

  3. Maintain safety

    Safety is essential in any exercise routine. Be sure to rest when necessary and avoid straining muscles too far. Consult a fitness professional or certified personal trainer if there are any uncertainties regarding safety.