How Is Bigeminy Treated?

Doctors do not usually treat bigeminy unless it has an identifiable cause, such as a heart attack, heart failure or other heart disease, according to HealthCentral. In such cases, doctors may prescribe medications to stop the arrhythmia or implant a pacemaker or defibrillator to minimize the aberrant heart beats.

Bigeminy is a condition in which the heart alternates between premature and normal heartbeats, notes HealthCentral. When heart disease causes the premature beats, a cardiac-related death can be imminent, but generally, bigeminy by itself isn't necessarily a serious condition. Factors that can trigger the premature beats include tension, advancing age, anxiousness, exercise and overeating. Using tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and nonprescription decongestants may also stimulate premature heartbeats. Medical disorders such as an overactive thyroid and low magnesium and potassium levels can lead to bigeminy.