How Do You Get Big Triceps?


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Toning and increasing the size of the triceps muscle is accomplished through a consistent routine of focused exercise moves. Some of the most effective moves are the triceps dip, the closed-grip bench press and the triceps press-down.

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The triceps dip is the easiest triceps exercise to perform because it does not require any weights or complicated exercise equipment. To begin, find a sturdy chair or bench. Stand facing away from the chair or bench and place your hands on the seat, with the tips of the fingers facing outward. Slowly lower yourself down into a near sitting position and extend the legs outward. Rest the heels firmly on the ground and begin to raise and lower the body as much as possible. This exercise can be modified by placing the feet on a raised surface to increase the distance that can be dipped.

For a closed-grip bench press, lay down on a standard weightlifting bench with an appropriately weighted barbell. Grip the barbell with the tops of the hands facing upward, and the palms facing the feet. Raise and lower the barbell, focusing on engaging the triceps to complete each motion.

A triceps press-down requires the use of a high-pulley cable workout machine. Stand in front of the machine and grasp the highest bar with the palms of the hand facing downward. Press the bar down using the triceps, keeping the arms as straight as possible.

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