How Do You Get Big Traps?


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A person can get bigger trapezii muscles by performing exercises that target those muscles, such as barbell shrugs, bent-over lateral raises and low-cable face pulls. He should also eat more calories than he consumes so that he gains muscle mass.

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The barbell shrug is performed with the lifter standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and a barbell held in both hands. His arms should hang straight down with the palms facing the body. He raises the shoulders as high as they can go and holds the position for 1 second, then returns to the starting position for one repetition. Four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions should be performed at a weight that challenges the lifter.

The bent-over lateral raise begins with the lifter standing with the feet shoulder-width apart. His knees are bent, and his back is arched forward. He should have a dumbbell in each hand and the arms extended with a slight bend in each elbow. He lifts the arms until they are parallel with the floor and the elbows are at shoulder height, then holds the position, and returns to the starting position for one repetition. Three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions should be performed.

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