How Do You Get Big Forearms?

How Do You Get Big Forearms?

To get big forearms, a person will need to add a heavy strength training routine to create bigger muscles in the forearm region according to MensFitness. It may also be necessary to increase food intake in order to build muscles.

Follow several strength training forearm workout exercises to get big and strong forearms.

Step 1: Add wrist curls

Wrist curls, found on Men's Fitness, help to build the strength in the forearms and are simple to perform. Take a weight and place it on a rope slack. Then, hold the arms out straight and horizontal to the floor. Now, roll up the weight by rotating the wrists one at a time. One rep is rolling the weight up and then down. Perform three sets of this exercise.

Step 2: Barbell behind the back wrist curl

BodyBuilding also suggests this exercise. It works well for many people because it can be done at home with simple barbells. Take the barbells and hold them behind the back. The palms should be facing backward and then the wrists should be rolled forward. Try to do this 10 to 15 times each set.

Step 3: Choose other forearm exercises to incorporate

Choose other forearm exercises from the large array of forearm exercises based on the equipment available. Not everyone has access to the same kinds of weights so it is important to personalize the routine. Then continue working out and increasing the reps or weights each week in order to continually build more forearm muscle, according to Bodybuilding .