How Do You Get Big Fast?


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One way to get bigger is to increase calorie intake, according to About.com; however, this does not mean junk food is an option. Choosing meats, nuts, legumes and diary products can help a person gain extra pounds. High-carb foods, such as rice, potatoes and pasta, are also foods to consider when trying to gain weight.

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About.com also mentions having a little extra food during meal times is another method of becoming bigger. Eating more toast or cheese during breakfast results in further weight gain as does adding butter to vegetables during dinner time, smothering gravy on side dishes, such as potatoes, and mixing nuts in with healthier items, such as yogurt. Spreading peanut butter on apples is another option. Increasing the portion size of each meal also accelerates the weight-gain process.

If gaining muscle is a priority, About.com notes that activities such as weight-lifting increase muscle mass, causing a person to weigh more. It is best to avoid cardio-based workouts since such activities result in weight loss.

Web MD recommends eating protein-based snacks, low-fat chocolate milk or energy bars immediately after a workout to give the muscles the necessary energy. Protein shakes and snacks can also be consumed before bedtime. Frequently eating healthy snacks is required to maintain energy and gain weight.

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