How Do You Do a Bicycle Kick?

How Do You Do a Bicycle Kick?

To perform a bicycle kick, push off with your kicking foot, and use your other leg to bring momentum forward as you move up and through your rotation. Watch the ball at all times, and snap your kicking leg toward the ball while bringing your other leg around and down.

  1. Line your body up for the kick

    Use your kicking leg as your base, moving your other leg up as you begin your jump. Tilt your body backwards, whipping your kicking foot toward the ball. Focus on contact rather than force, as the torque from the whipping motion gives the ball all the power it needs.

  2. Manage your body for the trajectory

    Time your jump so that your body is as close to horizontal as possible when your foot strikes the ball so that the ball's trajectory does not send it too high. Remember your distance from the goal as you determine how high you want the kick to go.

  3. Follow through and land safely

    Stretch out your arms to brace your impact when you land. Twist so that you land on the side opposite your kicking leg to keep you from falling on your neck, head or flat on your back. Remember that getting back up and entering play takes a few seconds after a bicycle kick, so only use this on corner kicks and other set pieces that are likely to have a transition period afterward.