How Do You Get Biceps?


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To get big biceps, focus on isolation exercises for the muscle. Execute at least one set each of bicep curls, preacher curls and incline dumbbell curls every other day.

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  1. Start with bicep curls

    Place your hands 8 inches apart on the barbell bar. Arms should be straight. Curl the bar up to the chest by contracting the biceps. Resist the weight as you lower the barbell. Execute one set with arms in this position, and then increase the width-to-hip-width apart. Execute a set, and then increase to shoulder-width apart. After the third set, increase the width by 6 inches, and execute a set of four repetitions.

  2. Execute the preacher curl

    Next, set yourself up on a preacher bench. Hold a dumbbell in an underhand grip. Lock your elbow in an extended position. Contract your muscles to curl the dumbbell up toward your forehead. Hold and then slowly release the position with resistance. After completing one set of repetitions, switch arms.

  3. Finish with the incline dumbbell curl

    Lie back on a reclining bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Arms should be extended down and back comfortably. Contract the muscles to curl the dumbbell up until your arm is at a 90-degree angle. Turn your wrist as you draw the weight up. Return to the start position with resistance, and curl up the other arm. Continue alternating arms.

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