What Is Bibasilar Atelectasis?


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According to New Health Guide, bibasilar atelectasis is the condition wherein the left and right bottom portions of the lungs collapse due to an obstruction. This health problem prevents the exchange of gases, and can range from chronic to acute.

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What Is Bibasilar Atelectasis?
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According to New Health Guide, the most common symptoms of bibasilar atelectasis include coughing, mild fever, and rapid or difficult breathing. This condition can be caused by anesthesia during surgery, an inhaled foreign object that causes the collapse of the lungs, mucus plugs, tumors in the respiratory tract, injuries, as well as blood clots.

New Health Guide also states that treatments vary depending on the severity and cause of the health problem. If only a small part is affected, it's possible that no treatment is performed. However, if it is caused by a tumor or any kind of hindrance, treatment will center on the removal of this obstruction. Additionally, breathing exercises will be taught and medications may be prescribed, especially if it is caused by thick mucus. Smokers who have this condition will also be required to stop smoking because it can worsen the problem. According to New Health Guide, conditions related to bibasilar atelectasis include bibasilar scarring and bibasilar sub-segmental atelectasis.

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