What Is Bi-Polar Disorder?


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Bipolar disorder is a brain condition with symptoms that include shifts in mood, energy level and activity, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. It is a serious disorder that causes the individual to struggle with everyday life activities. It can affect every area of life.

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What Is Bi-Polar Disorder?
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While bipolar disorder is a chronic condition, it is possible to keep the symptoms under control, explains Mayo Clinic. Most people with bipolar disorder find medications and behavioral counseling to be beneficial in controlling the disorder. If a person with bipolar disorder also suffers from a drug addiction, the treatment plan must address both conditions, as they are likely to interact. If the patient is likely to harm himself or others, his doctor is likely to recommend hospitalization.

For people with bipolar disorder, finding the best medication often takes a time of trial and error. Some medications take weeks to make a full effect on the patient. However, if a medication does not work, the doctor has other options he is able to prescribe, reports Mayo Clinic.

Patients with bipolar disorder often find that getting enough sleep at night helps with control of the condition. Patients who use illegal drugs or alcohol benefit from stopping these habits. If a person with bipolar disorder is in an unhealthy relationship, Mayo Clinic recommends he take steps to end it and surround himself with healthy people.

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