What Is a BFP in Pregnancy?

According to FertilityFriend.com, "BFP" stands for "Big Fat Positive," and it refers to the results of a pregnancy test. Its counterpart, "BFN," stands for "Big Fat Negative." Both BFP and BFN are common abbreviations in online pregnancy forums, chat rooms and support groups.

Websites that deal with pregnancy are often labelled as "TTC," which stands for "trying to conceive." These sites have a host of specialized terms that deal with reproduction. Having sex with the intent to conceive is often referred to as "baby dancing" or simply "BD," says BabyCenter. Couples who are trying to conceive often track fertility with an "OPK," or an ovulation prediction kit.

Another common term is "2WW," which stands for "two-week wait." 2WW refers to the period of time between baby dancing and taking an HPT, or home pregnancy test, according to FertilityFriend.com. Taking the home pregnancy test too early may result in an inaccurate BFN if the mother's hormone levels have not risen enough to trigger a BFP, according to health writer Rachel Gurevich for About.com.

Posters in TTC forums often refer to family members with "D" for "dear" before the first letter of the family member's status, notes BabyCenter. For example, "DH" stands for "dear husband," and "DD" stands for "dear daughter." These abbreviations maintain posters' privacy while helping others understand a posted situation quickly.