What Is the Link Between Depression and Anger?


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According to WebMD, depression and anger are related because anger can be one of the manifestations of depression. Anger and depression fuel each other, states Psychology Today, and are both negative experiences. According to HowStuffWorks, anger is a stage of depression.

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WebMD notes that anger and irritability are manifestations of severe or major depression. In fact, 54 percent of patients with major depression show signs of anger and irritability. Anger is common among patients with depression that results from anxiety, substance abuse and personality disorders. There is no evidence to show that anger causes increased severity of depression, reports WebMD.

HowStuffWorks discloses that patients with depression become angry due to frustration or perceived hopelessness over recurring states of depression. Patients with depression may direct their anger inwards, in the form of self-pity or self-hatred, or target it outward against other people.

Patients can manage depression-related anger by changing the situations that induce anger, according to HowStuffWorks. Because anger is a sign of a deeper condition, acknowledging it is the first step of managing depression suggests Psychology Today. Anger management techniques are also used to control depression-related anger. HowStuffWorks recommends that patients with depression speak with a professional counselor. Effective strategies of preventing depression include avoiding drugs, eating well, reaching out to family and friends and exercising. Furthermore, patients with depression benefit from reading material on depression and anger.

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