What Is the Link Between Chlorophyll and Bad Breath?


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Chlorophyll does not stop bad breath in humans because the body cannot absorb the chemoprotein, reports Healthline.com. However, when dogs consume chlorophyll, it prevents and treats their bad breath and improves their digestion. Poor digestion can cause halitosis, even in dogs with healthy mouths. Although Dr. F. Howard Wescott's 1950s research showed that chlorophyll helps fight bad breath, later studies disproved those findings. Green plants and leafy vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce and broccoli, derive their color from chlorophyll.

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Human health benefits from eating cabbage and other chlorophyll-rich leafy green vegetables include consuming lutein, which helps eye health, notes Healthline.com. Other health benefits of chlorophyll for dogs include fighting infection, cleansing body cells, detoxifying organs, healing wounds and strengthening the immune system. As of 2015, dog chew treats that contain chlorophyll are available at pet stores.

To perform the process of photosynthesis, plants capture light by using chlorophyll, according to Oregon State University. Scientists use chlorophyll to produce chlorophyllin, a mixture of sodium copper salts that people have taken by mouth as an internal deodorant and apply to the skin to help wounds heal. Patients have used the substance for more than five decades with no serious side effects. Chlorophyllin may also block the effect of some carcinogens, but scientists need to do more research in the area.

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